The Different Class perfectly shares a bloody naturalness and constantly delivers a sound that vibrates beyond the barriers and self-imposed personal filters. Their stylistic approach refuses to find a place, but The Different Class manages to build a strong, characteristic sound. Their music spreads the dust about feelings that may seem outdated, by transforming love into a cool and fashionable feeling once again. 

The band weaves a subtle tapestry with diligence and persistence that depicts a labyrinth full of intricate details and hidden treasures. The Different Class lures and seduces the listener with glimpses of deeper meaning and constant discovery of new layers that reveal further ones once peeled away. All of these layers of meaning find an echo on their musical journey.

The band was formed in 2013, releasing a full-length album and performing around the country. In 2018, The Different Class has released the EP ‘Allow’, including the following singles: Heat, Lust, Pride, Trust, and Allow. They then started to collaborate with the musical producer Michael Vuscan. All songs were included in the national radio stations and can be heard on related social media links. (Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer). 

‘Allow’ is about magnetic attraction, about that complicated person that fills you up with energy and gives you a reason to live while it consumes you on the inside. It’s that movie that sets your instincts on fire turning you into your cruelest version. ‘Allow’ is about lust, unfulfilled desire, and passion. It’s about pride, inner fire, people lost in space, hope, and exceeding one’s limits. 

With their single ‘Dancer’, the trendsetters have embarked on the journey of their first music video. 

The Different Class – between 2020 and 2021

In 2021, The Different Class got back into the studio recording their second album ‘Skins’. With the help of the SOCAN awarded Toronto producer Michael Vuscan, ‘Skins’ has become an international endeavor.  It was mixed in Toronto by Rob Anders, one of the most active & acclaimed mixing engineers in the Canadian industry. The mastering was done in New York City by Tim Boyce who worked with artists like French Montana, Emmy the Great, Daftside (Nicolas Jaar) and mastered the soundtrack of The Great Gatsby.

The album was recorded at Consonance Studios with Cris Paul (vocals & guitars), Seian Scorobete (bass), and Flavius Retea (drums).

‘Skins’ is about living in the two worlds of reality and dream at the same time, mixing love and lust, finding friendship, unraveling the spirit and being corrupted by passion and desire, finding boundaries between bad and good, and facing ourselves in the mirror not knowing if we are telling ourselves the full truth or just another lie.